Why should I consider selling SSL certificates to my clients?

Talking about e-commerce website, online customers want that their financial information is to be transmitted securely. Many customers will undergo the transaction only if they see that the site with which they are dealing is secure. In the era of Internet, increasing internet users want encryption of their secret information, such as credit card information and personal identification information. In Nutshell, Internet user’s expectations clearly focus on how important these SSL certificates are.

SSL certificate is a high-yielding product. Moreover, it is easy to sell, and once your clients install it then further the need of its maintenance is seldom.

What is SSL, and what is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, works as an encryption layer that encodes information which is exchanged between a client and a server, securing the transmission of private data.

Whereas, an SSL certificate allows you to exercise encryption technology to your site, so that the information transmitted between the client and the server is encrypted. Customers expect SSL certificates for those sites which handle sensitive information like ID card, credit card details, or any confidential information.

How SSL certificate work?

SSL certificate is a file installed on the server on which the web site is running. The file is divided into two segments. First segment is public key, which encrypts data. Second is the private key, which decrypts data. When a client, connects with SSL secured server a unique session is created using these two keys. The data transmitted during this session is secured, and it cannot be decrypted by third party other than the respective client and the server.

Why do I need SSL certificate for my site?

If your site deals with gathering and transmitting sensitive information, customers want it to be secured with SSL certificate. Many people will visit your site, but if they will not find the security or trust seal on your site, they will simply switch to other site.

The domain that I want to secure is not in my account; can I still buy an SSL certificate?

Yes you can. It is not necessary that the domain you wish to secure need to be in your account or even registered with us.

Do you sell chained certificates?

Yes, all of our certificates are chained to a CA (certificate authority).

What is CA?

CA stands for certificate authority. CA is the SSL certificate issuing authority.
What is the difference between the domain validation certificate and higher assurance certificates?

Domain Validation: Domain validation certificate authenticates the purchaser of the certificate and also the owner of the domain name to which the certificate will be applied. This level of authentication is offered at lowest prices and allows you to secure your website more rapidly.

Organization validation: Organization validation certificate requires some investigation to confirm the relationship between the domain name, domain owner, and the business to which the SSL certificate is issued.

Extended validation: Extended Validation certificates require the certificate issuing authority such as VeriSign, Geo Trust, Comodo, Thawte and many more to execute a more extensive verification of the certificate purchaser’s business and their authority to purchase the certificate on behalf of that company. Once EV certificates installed, they will automatically change the browser address bar into green to inform the clients that this site is trustworthy.

What is the benefit of purchasing a higher validation certificate?

Higher validation certificates encrypt the connection, and also add peace of mind for your visitors by displaying them that the certificate authority has validated your site as a legitimate, secure and safe to use.

What does the green address bar do?

Green address bar gives a visual cue that your business is legitimate, secure and safe to use. Only Extended Validation provides green bar facility. In contrast, web browsers have integrated anti-phishing security, so that known phishing sites will show a red address bar. Studies reveal that the businesses using EV certificates have a strong and positive effect on business.

Why the brand of certificate is important?

All certificates having the same level of encryption performs same. However, branding in certificates is similar as in case of clothes, branding simply means discriminating the customers.

How visitors know that what kind of SSL certificate I’m using?

Visitors simply click on the lock icon in the browser address bar, a new window opens displaying the information of what type of SSL certificate you are using.

Do SSL certificates work in all web browsers?

SSL certificates are compatible with 99% of all browsers.

I changed web server and my certificate is no longer working. Can I get the certificate reissued?

Yes, on our server, generate a new CSR for your certificate. Contact the certificate issuing authority with the new CSR and they will provide you new certificate.

Can I upgrade my SSL certificate?

Once you purchased SSL certificate then we can’t upgrade it. If you want a more secure certificate immediately, you can buy it and install it on the same server as old certificate, and if you don’t need the more secure certificate immediately, then you have to wait until your current certificate expires and install the more secured certificate after that.

What is SGC?

SGC or Server Gated Cryptography, developed for legacy computers and for the browsers that only support 40 or 56-bit encryption to “set up” to 128-bit strong encryption will receive only 40-or-56-bit encryption.

Do I need technical expertise to set up an SSL certificate on my web site?

Certificate installation is not a difficult task, but it involves a process which is specific to each individual web browser server. SSL certificate authority publishes guidelines for generating the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and installing the certificate.

What is CSR?

CSR stands for Certificate Signing Request. CSR includes all the information included in your certificate, like your business name, domain name, locality and country etc. It contains public key include in your certificate and at the same time a private key is also generated indicating that you created CSR.