VeriSign is an American company, headquarter in Mountain View, California, USA, founded in 1995 as by-product of RSA (Security firm) security certification service business. Verisign has a very important place in the Internet’s DNS infrastructure.

If you are in a security industry or in an e-commerce business then you are well-familiar with SSL or Secure Sockets Layer, an important server security certificate. VeriSign is the (SSL) certificate authority enables e-commerce, intranets, extranets and communication. It is the first and most trusted name in online security and online trust.

  • Commute Visitors into Customers

VeriSign works as a powerful tool in building customers confidence and ensures them that their transaction is one hundred one percent safe. Now online customers are becoming very much savvy about online security, therefore, before sharing their personal information and completing any transaction they want to ensure that whether they can trust that website or not. So, SSL provides them assurance that the particular website is legitimate and safe.

In a survey, it is found that around 25 percent of the respondents say “no” to deal with those websites which do not have VeriSign trust seal with them. In short, People love to transact with those sites or links which carry VeriSign seal with their name.

  • Fast click, Fast decision

People instantly make their decision for buying your products if your website represents VeriSign trust seal. The trust seal shows that your site has been verified by VeriSign and has passed a Website security scan and your site is safe to follow.

In Nutshell, to get maximum number of visitors you need to establish server security certificate. With VeriSign seal, you can Increase Online Sale By Boosting Customer Confidence  marked as most trusted seal in the Internet world, make your clients assure that your link is totally safe, secure and protects their private information.