More and more e-commerce and other business transactions are taking place on Internet. People are migrating from traditional way of shopping to modern way i.e. online shopping. Online customers are becoming savvy about online security. They know SSL certificates and their importance, in essence, before meeting any online transaction they hunt for the lock icon and https in the address bar of the browser.

Though our main discussion is on Wildcard SSL certificates, but before moving on Wildcard it is better to know about the SSL certificates and its various types. SSL or Secure Socket Layer, encrypts the data transferred from browser to sever or from server to server.

In Nutshell, we all posses driving license, or Pan-card or personal I.D. card for our identity, just similar to this, SSL certificates authorize the URL or website morality and authenticates who they are.

While making online payment from your credit card, once you have entered your email address, your card information and other personal details, the shopping site will display private key icon at the bottom of the site displaying SSL certificates to you, assuring your details are secured and safe.

Wildcard SSL certificates are used on the sites having many sub-domains. Wildcard SSL certificates ensure the user that the data is exchanged securely between the browser and the server without worrying about the hackers that they will steal the personal information. These certificates are very helpful in preventing cyber crimes which can even call for shut down of the business.

Wildcard SSL certificates offer you:

• Strong 128 bit to 256 bit encryption
• Lowest cost, stable single root Wildcard
• 99% browser recognition rate
• Wildcard SSL certificate holder’s name
• Wildcard SSL certificate’s serial number and expiration date
• Wildcard SSL certificate holder’s public key
• Digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority