The concept of online shopping is gaining importance day-by-day and consequently it requires the need of online security. SSL certificates are helpful in providing your website security as they serve as a powerful link between the web server and the web browser and hence secure the transaction between them. Thawte is one of the SSL feature that will help you in securing your website.

Thawte is one of the leading and most trusted brand in offering your customers the confidence of exchanging their transactions with your website. These certificates help in confirming your identity to the visitors of your site, by double-click on the Thawte certificate your site visitors can easily confirm: your organization identity appears on the Thwate SSL certificate, with which they will become sure that your website is safe, secure, and legitimate to transact.

Features and Benefits of using Thawte SSL certificate:

Create a secure and private connection: Thawte helps in securing the connection between the server and the browser and making it totally private which includes, FTP servers, web forms, mails with 99% browser compatibility, up to 256-bit encryption, and $125k warranty.

Boost confidence: The display of Thawte trusted site seal, available in 18 different languages helps in boosting your customer’s confidence.

Save time and money: By purchasing muti-year SSL certificates and additional licensing for securing domain

Why Thwate from us? is the platinum partner with SSL certificate authority and vendors of VeriSign, Geo Trust, Comodo, and many more. We purchase these certificates from these authorities in high volume at a heavy discount and therefore offer these certificates to our clients at very affordable prices. You can compare our prices from the market prices and few features that make Thwate SSL more special among shoppers.

  •   Domain Validated
  •   Our Price $ 46.99 /year
  •   Free Site Seal
  •   Root hierarchy
  •   Unlimited Reissues
  •   $125k Warranty
  •   128/256 bit Encryption
  •   Free reissue
  •   OCSP and CRL Support
  •   Internationalized Domain Names
  •   Look all feature of Thawte SSL