SSL or Secure Socket Layer, a digital certificate, and offers your site visitors a visual indication that your website is secure, safe, and legitimate for transaction. They are recognized all over the Internet as a platform that is helpful in enhancing online security and building your sites branding.

How SSL helps in gaining Trust

Online shopping customers have become savvier about online security. They before meeting any online transaction and exchanging their sensitive information want to confirm the identity of the website. They want to know whether they can trust your website. Therefore, an SSL certificate plays a vital role in improving your website image as well as increasing your Return on Investment

The websites using SSL certificate offers their visitors a visual appearance of few clues, such as their URL is displayed as HTTPS instead of http, a lock icon, or a green address bar. These indicators help your site visitor that they have entered into a safe zone where they can easily exchange their sensitive information including personal as well as financial (credit card details).

An important function of SSL is that it offers private communication. SSL encrypts all the data transmitted on your website including, debit and credit card details, PayPal details, login detail, etc into an unreadable form. SSL certificate will add random numbers to that information making it impossible to read by any other third party. Once this process successfully carry out after that if the recipient of the information wants to get it back into the readable form then this can be done only with the help of an encryption key which will decode the message.

In this way, an SSL certificate helps in building your clients confidence. Many of the most trusted and leading authorities are present on the Internet offering you and your business website security, such as VeriSign, Geo Trust, Comodo, and Thwate. Over years, we are the platinum partners of these authorities. We purchase SSL certificates from them in bulk and due to which we always offer our customers these certificates at very affordable prices in comparison to our competitor’s prices.