If you have an online business then you must be familiar with the term SSL certificate. However, there are certain businesses that have no knowledge about theses certificates. An important tool used, these days employed on Internet is Secure Socket Layer commonly known as SSL certificates. SSL first created by Netscape in 1995. Actually, SSL certificates are used by the online business to secure their site.

Basically, SSL provides an encryption of data exchanged between browser to server or server to server. It creates a strong layer of security among HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) and TCP (Transport Control Protocol).

Mostly, it is seen that it is very difficult for a business, especially in case of small and medium size business to secure their web site and their multiple sub domains by multiple SSL certificates. To have multiple SSL certificates installed on a web site, each sub domain having own separate SSL certificate is bit difficult to purchase as well it need its own IP also. So, for such organizations various SSL certificates are offered at very affordable prices. Therefore, Wildcard SSL is one of the SSL certificate by which you can easily secure your web site along with all of your sub domains.

Many of the businesses have as many as 40 web sites or more, it is very difficult expensive also. Therefore wildcard SSL certificate are used as they are used to secure multiple sub-domains of a web site. In fact, Wildcard certificate means you can secure unlimited number sub domains with just one SSL certificate, and it works better for operating system using 40-56 bit encryption, at the same time offers 256 bit strong encryption with site seal.

Security is an important issue in an online business, therefore SSL certificates are used. However any kind of compromise in security is a disadvantage of using wildcard SSL certificate. The use of wildcard SSL certificate is increasing day-by-day among the owners of the business across the world and also it is cost effective.