Comodo SSL certificates is one of the most powerful and widely used SSL certificate utilized for making your transactions secured. SSL is the acronym of Secure Socket Layer, as the name indicates that it adds additional layer of processing and encrypting data prior transmitting it online. Comodo SSL certificate are essential as it secures credit card details, password, pins, and other sensitive information by encrypting it before its travel between the user and the web server.

The users of Comodo SSL certificates can win their customers trust by displaying them, Comodo trust seal that is free with any of the Comodo certificates. The site seal plays a valuable role in building your site visitors trust and promoting your business and brand online. According to a survey 75% of people tend to buy things online from Ecommerce websites like, eBay, Amazon, etc and make their payment through credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc. So, customer before exchanging his confidential details wants to confirm the identity of the website. Comodo SSL certificate helps in building your customer’s confidence and insist them to buy things from your site.

 Comodo SSL certificate comes in various versions like, Comodo Essential, Comodo Instant, Comodo Essential Wildcard, Comodo Premium Wildcard, Comodo EV, Comodo EV SGC. The Wildcard SSL and EV (Extended Validation) certificates are the increasing choice of the customers as wildcard certificates covers subdomain of your site, whereas EV supplies green address bar. These certificates will help you in increasing your sites conversion rates and also helps in generating more revenue out of sales.

Our experience has revealed us that Comodo SSL certificates are the most preferred choice of small and medium size business as we offer this certificate to them at very affordable prices and also because of its high compatibility among all the browsers. With the use of Comodo SSL certificates, businesses receive all necessary features that are required like, a powerful upto 256-encryption, 99% browser compatibility, higher trust level, brand recognition, warranty, subdomains secured, 1-2 days issuance, dynamic site seal, server gated cryptography, quick ans easy installation, 24x7x365 customer support, and many more