Both Comodo Wildcard and EV (Extended Validation) certificate are the widely used and a popular choice among the business owners. Comodo assist the business owners in promoting their business across the world by building their visitors confidence that the website is safe and secured to buy the things as well as to complete the transaction. Both certificate works for the same purpose of enhancing security of the website, though differs from each other on the following grounds:

Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate: With Comodo Wildcard SSL certificate you can secure multiple subdomains. This means that your lot of time and money gets safe in purchasing and managing individual certificate for all your subdomains and also your hundreds of dollars gets save with only one single wildcard SSL certificate by Comodo. Features of Comodo Wildcard SSL certificates are: no tension about securing multiple subdomains, 99% browser compatibility, 256-bit encryption, Comodo trust seal, quick and easy installation, and many more.

Comodo EV SSL certificate: Extended Validation certificates are the certificates that are recognized for providing highest assurance to the visitors by supplying Green address bar that will assure your visitors and get them converted into customer immediately. These EV certificates help in reducing shopping cart abandonment. Also, they help I protecting your website from the phishing attacks or cyber crimes. Features of Comodo EV SSL certificates are: Green address bar, highest assurance, 256-bit encryption, 99% browser compatibility, Comodo trust seal, and many more.

Why choose Comodo?

Comodo is a well-recognized brand in an online security worldwide. By the implementation of Comodo SSL certification on your website you can increase your Return on Investment. We are the platinum partner of Comodo and will offer you each of Comodo certificates at very affordable prices in comparison to the market prices. Anyway Comodo always an great choice so and have different SSL plans to their users, it’s highly recommend to check different SSL schemes of Comodo before purchasing any SSL.