Over the years, the use of Internet has increased the concept of online business drastically. Many of the business owners with the desire to expand their business across the country placed their website on the Internet. E-commerce business is one such among the vast diversity of the businesses. Some of the business requires their customer’s to share their most confidential information including, personal and financial details (credit card numbers) etc. Such websites need to be secured; therefore the use of SSL certificates for increasing the security of the websites has been increased.

Benefits of using SSL certificates:

  1. Secure your website from Phishing attacks and Cyber Crimes.
  2. Boost your customer confidence
  3. Increase the conversion rate
  4. Increases the Return on Investments (ROI)

With the inception of SSL certificates, three types of SSL certificates have emerged:

Extended Validation: Extended Validation or EV are the most of trusted SSL certificates, requiring the certificate authority (CA like, VeriSign, Geo Trust, and Comodo) to execute a more extensive verification of the business or their authority which is purchasing the certificate on behalf of the company. Once, the Extended validation certificates gets installed on your website then your website visitors have a visual cue of green address bar which eventually assuring them that the website is a trustworthy website.

They are compatible with high-security browsers such as, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+, Google Chrome, Firefox 3+, Opera 9.5. EV certificates, an ideal choice for the customers desiring highest level of authenticity.

Domain Validation:  Domain Validation certificates or DV are instantly issued certificates as the company requiring them are not required to supply the documents of the company for the validation process. These certificates are issued within 3 seconds and are of relatively low cost. Therefore, the customers with low budget and desiring instant issue of the certificates can go with DV certificates.

Organizational Validation: Organizational Validation certificates or OV cannot be acquired easily as the businesses or the authority buying the certificate on behalf of the organization need to supply all the information of the company for vetting process. During the vetting process, all the necessary information supplied by the organization is compared with the information gathered from various sources. If the supplied information gets matched, the OV certificate is issued. The visitors of your website will have a visual cue of blue address bar which eventually assures them the website is legitimate and trustworthy.