An SSL or Secure Socket layer is digital certificate that works to secure the connection between the web server and the web browser. Basically, its work is to encrypt the data protecting it against the phishing attacks. The websites that deals in collecting the customer’s confidential information including personal and financial details (debit and credit card details, password, contact details, etc) need SSL certificate verification. SSL certificate works in building the customers confidence and they therefore take a decision to buy the things from the website displaying SSL certificate.

SSL certificates are available in both, Free and Paid. The free services are always attracting to the business owners, but they always put the owner into the loss

Free SSL Reduces Site Speed Performance

According to a survey, free SSL can increase the time of the data to travel between the end-user and the website by two to ten times. Also, the network traffic gets increased by 300 percent. This is a problem for mobile users as they will experience a greater loading time on SSL websites.

Free SSL Isn’t Perfect

Website use free SSL to secure personal data, but it does not mean that it completely safe your data. As per a research conducted revealed that almost all free SSL websites are unsafe. It is guaranteed that paid SSL certificates websites are considered safer and secure in comparison free SSL certificate websites.

Not used for payment websites

SSL certificates are used to protect the website, assuring your visitors that the business has been verified, but the major disadvantage of using free SSL is that the site is considered as un-trusted website. These free SSL’s should not be considered in case of the websites dealing in give and take of money.