Online customers have become intelligent about the online security concerns. These days some people used Internet for wrong purposes such as by stealing the most sensitive information from banking, Ecommerce business they attack on people’s bank account and steal their money. Due to which now online customers before trusting any website want to confirm its identity that whether the particular website is secured or not.

SSL certificate is the only way by which you can win your customers heart. It enhances online security. SSL or Secure Socket Layer secures the transaction between the web server and the web browser. SSL certificate is introduced by Netscape, a certificate authority works as a third party in issuing the certificate by identifying both ends of the transaction.

How transaction is secured?

Whenever you connect with SSL secure site the website will follow a unique security process which makes you’re all online transactions secure. The following is the process:
1.    When you browse the internet, the browser immediately requests for a secure page. This page will start with https:// not with http:// (the letters before the domain name on your web browser).

2.    If the site is using the certificate then the web server immediately sends the public key with the certificate.

3.    The browser then checks whether the certificate is coming from the trusted party or not. It also checks its validity period whether it is valid or gets expired.

4.    The web server generally uses a private key to decrypt the encryption key i.e. the http data. This private key cannot be seen with the naked eye.

5.    The web server sends back the requested data

6.    The browser then decrypts the http data and display the information to you. What we see is a complete web page of information.