VeriSign offers you site security, customer’s greater confidence, easy mange profile, Malware scan, and many more. VeriSign Trust Seal do a wonders to your business.

Once you’ve enroll for VeriSign Trust Seal, the VeriSign will go for an authentication process. Your VeriSign seal gets valid only after authentication process. VeriSign authentication process is helpful in enhancing the customer’s as well as businessman confidence.

VeriSign is the most trusted brand across the world; your site will be daily scanned. In case of Malware is found, you are informed both by an email as well as by your VeriSign Trust Seal center Account.

In brief:

Your web site will display VeriSign Trust Seal only after your site successfully undergoes authentication process and when there will be no Malware.



The VeriSign Trust Seal is available from a self-service page that allows you to customize your new Trust Seal. To add the VeriSign Trust Seal to your Web site:

  1. Go to the VeriSign Trust Seal Installation page.
  2. Click I Accept to agree to the terms and conditions of the VeriSign Trust Seal Services Agreement.
  3. Customize your seal by selecting the desired options for the Trust Seal size and format in the Choose Your Seal section.

    Note: The Web site name that you enter in step 5 of the Choose Your Seal section must match the domain name that you specified when you enrolled for the VeriSign Trust Seal. For example, if your VeriSign Trust Seal was purchased for “”, then enter “”.

  4. In the Create Your Seal Code section, click “I Accept. Create Script.” to generate your Trust Seal code.
  5. Use your normal HTML or web development editor to add the Trust Seal code to any page of your Web site, provided it is located on the same domain as was used for your Trust Seal enrollment.

Copy and paste the seal code into your Web page code where you want the seal to display. If you email or paste the seal code into a word processor, the code may be altered by formatting, which can result in errors when pasting the code into your HTML editor. If you would like to save the code for later use on additional pages, save it as a text file in a plain text editor, such as Notepad.

Add the VeriSign Trust Seal to any page within your domain where a visitor may have a concern about security: the login screen, home page, and security or privacy information pages. The Trust Seal should be placed where it will be clearly visible to your Web site’s visitors.

More information could be found at VeriSign page