With the comfort of shopping and comparing products and prices online, people get more often stick to the Internet for meeting their requirements. But now the point arises that “how to make secure the money transaction?” i.e.  The payment which you transfer online using your credit card is really secured or not. People are becoming Internet savvy, and so they before meeting any such transaction want to confirm the legitimacy of the web site.

From here you will get some points on how to secure your money transaction online:

Browser: Browser has the built-in encryption capabilities that can ensure you that the data is protected using the most secured encryption technology. SSL certificates or Secure Socket Layer is a digital security certificate, used by the web browsers and web servers to exchange sensitive information.

You will get sure that your money transactions are totally secure by seeing into the address bar of your browser as it will get changed from “http:// to https://”, the inclusion of “s” is due to the use of SSL certificate. In addition to this you will also notice a small lock icon in the status bar at the bottom of the window.

Certificate Authority (CA): There are many trusted services over the Internet like, VeriSign, Geo Trust, Comodo, Thwate, Rapid SSL, etc. engaged in offering you reliable and trusted security services. The web sites that use their services will display the logo of the services which they have employed on their web site to make its information safe and secure from the phishing attacks. Or by double click in the address bar of your browser, it will display you the information regarding the certificate like, from which certificate authority (CA) the certificate is issued, certificate issued to the party, validity period of the certificate.

Privacy Policy: You can read the policy of the company that is it maintaining in its records regarding the security concern, that your information is kept safe and secure with us.

Credit Card: It is advised to use only one credit card to meet all your transactions as this will reduce the chances of fraud