The relaxation of shopping and comparing products and services and their prices online is an attractive option for online shoppers, but they are very savvy about the online security. Therefore, they before meeting or completing any transaction want to confirm that the web site is safe and secured to deal.

Customers when see SSL certificate became sure that the site is legitimate and safe to exchange your credit card information freely and that it is going to that place where it is want to be? Once an end user enters into the secure area and enters its credit card details, Email address, and personal information then that shopping web site SSL certificate will enable the browser and the server to build a secure connection.

With SSL,

  1.   Your customers will feel secure,
  2.   Their confidence to complete the transaction gets build
  3.   Increase conversion rates

Without SSL,

Information travels in a full view. Example, information written on the Post Card can be read out by anyone, just like that without SSL every one can read and misuse your files over the Internet.

  •   Visitors will switch from your site to another secured site
  •   Became a victim of loss.

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