If you are considering an SSL certificate for your website then you must know few things before going for its purchase:

Shifting to a Dedicated IP Address needs Time to Spread
While you switch to a dedicated IP Address, the IP address of your website will automatically gets change and the DNS will later on need to spread(update) worldwide, and this process requires 4 to 8 hrs approximately.

Generally, we don’t suggest our customers to switch to a dedicated IP address especially when they are in the middle of their advertisement and promotion campaign.  This is due to the fact that some visitors of your website can see your site at the new IP address immediately, and some can see it only after 8 hrs change in a dedicated IP address.

Certificate requires a Dedicated IP Address
An SSL certificate requires a separate or own dedicated IP Address. We offer you dedicated IP Address at very reasonable prices in comparison to the existing market rate. When you order SSL certificate from us then we will automatically add Dedicated IP address to your account.

More than one secured Domain on an SSL certificate
There is a limit on the SSL certificate per individual cPanel, but it is possible to have more than one secured domain name or subdomain for a single SSL certificate. You can avail them by purchasing multi-domain SSL certificate or through wildcard SSL certificate. Though, the price of these certificates is comparatively high than single domain SSL, but you can avail the benefits of all secured domains and subdomains with a single account. An important thing is that these all can share the same dedicated IP address which will save your cost of purchasing more than one dedicated IP address and also the expense of maintaining separate accounts

Certificates issued on an Annual Basis
You are required to purchase SSL certificate on an annual basis i.e. 1year of expiry. Before your SSL certificate gets expired, you are required renew the certificate with new expiration date. We recommend our customer’s to renew SSL certificate at least a week before the expiration of your existing SSL certificate.  Once contact us before any deal related to SSL Certificates we ensure you that you will get quality deal with our expert advice. Even you are looking for VeriSign SSL certificates, Thwate or GeoTrust.