These days, Ecommerce website are the most popular sites among the youths as they are very much crazy about their passion and looks, so they always want to explore new and interesting that will add on their personality. Online shoppers are very smart as they never invest on any product or services displayed on any website without knowing the legitimacy of the website. Hence, before undertaking any transaction or sharing the information they want to know that whether the site is trusted or not.

SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificates are very common among the websites as they increase the online sale by building customer’s confidence in the website. These certificates provide protection to its customers who share their personal information and undergo online transactions. SSL certificates works as a layer of trust between a web server and the browser. The purpose of introducing this ssl certificates is to ensure the clients that all their information exchanged in between the server and the browser is safe and secure.

Any business that deals in collecting its customer’s personal information as well payment option requires a serious need to get SSL certification. There are many websites providing the SSL certificates or trust certificates like VeriSign, Geo trust, Thawte and Comodo etc

GeoTrust SSL Certification Provider

Geo trust:  Around 1,00,000 customers, over 150 countries use Geo Trust services to secure and protect their online shared information and transactions. Geo Trust is the most trusted brand for providing its security services as they work in fully managed environment and provide their clients the security features like Rapid SSL, Quick SSL, True Business ID, Quick SSl premium, True BusinessID with EV and True businessID wildcard for giving its clients the utmost level of Trust level, Brand recognition, Warranty, Subdomains secured, Issuance, validity options and many more. Like for Trust Level they provide standard, premium and deluxe services depending upon the customer’s budget.

Thawte:  Thawte is the most trusted name in providing digital security, used globally to secure servers, data encryption, protect privacy, assurance for transactions and verification process. They offer all their clients free reissues throughout the life of the certificate, online live chat for customers support and sales, 24×5 technical supports and a highly experienced and trained supporting staff. Keeping in mind security perspective they provide their clients SSL 123 certificates, SSL Web server certificates, SGC superCerts and Wildcard SSL certificates providing the best authentication level, SSl encryption, estimated issuance time, domains secured, free reissue,  root hierarchy, 99% browser compatibility etc and many more.

VeriSign SSL Certification

VeriSign: VeriSign provides SSL certificates to protect your site against security threats and helps in increasing the online sale by boosting its customer’s confidence. It helps to promote your company and its website as legitimate and that their transactions are safe and secure protected by high-quality security checks. For serving this purpose they provide different security certificates packages like Secure site, Secure site pro , Secure site EV and Secure site Pro with EV to provide its customers best trust level, brand recognition, SSL encryption, site seal, 99% browser compatibility, subdomains secured etc. Like Trust level plays an important role in any transaction so for that they are providing from deluxe to premium packages according to the budget. Similarly, for brand recognition they are providing good packages for providing its customers a high brand support etc.

Comodo SSL

Comodo: Comodo’s highly trained and experienced staff is successful in meeting the trust of its e-merchants, small to medium scale businesses, large business and individuals by providing them the most cost-effective secure certificates. They offer most secure server certificates including 256 bit SSL Certificates, Comodo Essentials, Comodo Instant, Comodo essential Wildcard, Comodo premium Wildcard, Comodo EV and Comodo EV SGC for increasing customer trust in business online transcations, information security by well built encryption, and satisfying security compliance requirements with SSL.

In Nutshell, the website which is more secure and trusted, receives the more traffic and provides its customer the confidence of undergoing a transaction, SSL certification enables the website in achieving this target.

There are many SSL certification provider companies, but they charge very huge amount. is the only website that offers you the best and affordable prices to fulfill your dream of being the most trusted website across the world and helps in increasing the sale by boosting its customer’s confidence. They offer VeriSign SSL Certificates, GeoTrust SSL Certificates, Comodo SSL Certificates and Thwate SSL Certificates at discounted price till 70%. Keeping in mind your website security, trust level, brand recognition, subdomains secured etc we provide you secure site Pro and EV, Rapid and Quick SSL, True BusinessID Wildcard, Comodo Essential and Premium Wildcard, Comodo Ev, Comodo EV SGC , Wildcard SSL certificates etc.