Display your customers that your site is secured. Make them feel confident in trusting your website. Our Extended validation SSL certificate will rise your customers confidence by showing them green address bar. Green signifies that everything is right. Provide your customers with utmost security level with us at really affordable prices than what is offered in the market.

Significance of Green Address Bar:

At the initial stage, a visitor spends only few seconds on a website. With the application of Extended Validation certificates, your browser window will display him green address bar with which customer get confidence of getting entered into a secured website. Green address bar is a symbol of protection against phishing and any type of fraudulent activity conducted over the Internet.

Visual appearance

Green address bar, by double-click it will display your end-users, the name of the certificate issuing authority, the certificate validity period, the party to which the certificate is issued.

The site secured with the SSL certificate displays https:// instead of http://. The inclusion of ā€œsā€ is the sign of availability of Security certificate i.e. SSL.

Genuine-ssl-certificate.com has passed a strict identification process conducted by the most trusted online security brands i.e. VeriSign, Geo Trust, Comodo, and Thwate. Our business is given a green flag to operate our services by them. These all have permitted us to market their brand and offer various businesses online security.