Where there is a talk of exchange of personal as well as financial information over the Internet, authentication or verification of the site is necessary. Like in case of Banking or Ecommerce business, one requires to exchange his/her most confidential information which includes details of the credit card and important identity information.

Use of SSL certificate offers authentication. SSL offers a great level of confidence among the end-users as it is makes them sure that they are secure before they disclose any confidential information including personal details as well as credit card details. SSL certificates offers encryption of data with the use of keys i.e public key and private key.

How it happens, the server with which you’ve connected is not the one you’ve requested? What happens on the Internet, servers are generally known by an IP address (unique 32-bit number, which is very hard to remember by the humans), domain name is used to map the addresses to name that are easy to remember by the end-users like, www.eBay.com When the end-user types www.ebay.com in the address bar of the browser, a complex process starts to determine which IP address is actually requested. In fact, large part of the process is beyond the knowledge of both user and the web site owner

In brief:

Take an example, If some of the hackers gain success to build a web site similar to the www.internetbanking.com  (duplicate), in that case when you click on that duplicate banking web site, you enter into its control panel and exchange your personal as well as credit card detail, suddenly the site will show you technical problem with the site and “Please try again later”. At the same time, the hackers will use the details of credit card and steal money from the original internet banking web site.

Therefore, SSL certificates are designed to deal with these kinds of problems, so authentication of a web site is necessary.