Hosting company should provide an SSL certificate or Secure Socket Layer along with the hosting service as this will enhance the visitor’s confidence in the site, and eventually increase sale and goodwill of the company.

Why web hosting with SSL certificates?

The duty of web hosting services providing companies is to upload the web site on the server. Very often, it is seen that in case of sensitive information web sites, the need of authentication is necessary; in order to secure the web site from the phishing attack. Essentially, SSL certificates are designed to meet the requirements of the web sites with the Member Area or the C-panel of the domain and web hosting clients, as these sites ask for the confidential information like password, personal, and financial information. For example, any shopping web site, asking customer to fill the form, give personal information and complete the transaction process, customer will check before meeting any exchange of sensitive information that the following site is safe from hackers and Spam.

A customer before entering into c-panel and exchange his sensitive information, checks the security information of the web site

  •   Padlock symbol at the bottom of the browser
  •  https:// URL instead of http://
  •  From which Certification Authority, certificate is issued, certificate validity period, and the owner to which certificate is issued, by just double-click in the address bar

How SSL benefits hosting:

The hosting service providing companies, if offers SSL certificate than it will bring them multiples of benefits.

  • An SSL certificate clearly demonstrates that the following hoisting company is legitimate for your business
  • With SSL certificate, your customers will feel safe and secure
  • SSL offers a great security of credit card information of your clients
  • Helps in boosting your customer’s confidence
  • Responsible in increasing the sales
  • SSL certificates are helpful in encouraging your web site’s credibility
  • SSL’s are helpful in building positive image and goodwill of the business to the end-users

Repercussion of not displaying an SSL certificate by WEB hosting Companies

  • Apparently the site will lose the potential customers
  • SSL certificate helps in building the brand image, customer’s confidence, goodwill, and trust, and if SSL certificate is not displayed to the visitors then they will not simply switch to other site displaying SSL
  • Decelerate your visitor conversion rate and adversely affect your profitability
  • Competitors will gain the overall market control

In essence all the companies that are engaged in offering valuable hosting services should offer SSL certificate along with the hosting service, so that the customer’s web site will be benefitted from it.