CSR acronym of Certificate Authority, a message sent to the Certificate authority (CA) for requesting the public key encryption.

Before you purchase a digital Certificate, you need to first generate a CSR to the Certificate authority, the CSR includes your certificate application information, including public key. Basically, a CSR is generated by the server, which in addition to this also creates your public key for encrypting the data and private key for decrypting the data.

SSL Server certificate from Genuine-ssl-certificate.com are affordable and compatible with all server. Normal guidelines to be followed while generating your CSR:

What is included in the CSR?

  •   Fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
  •   The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of your server like, mail.outshine.com
  •   The legal name of your organization
  •   The division of your organization that is handling the certificate like, Marketing, Finance.
  •   Name of the city/locality where your business is located like, Noida
  •   Name of the state where your business is located like, Delhi
  •   The two-letter code of your country, where the business is located like for India use IN
  •   Email address use to contact your business
  •   Public key that will be put into your certificate.