Certificate Authority (CA) works as a third party whose work is to issue a digital certificate to online business in order to protect their web site free from Phishing attack. Businesses like E-commerce, Banking etc that requires their customers to exchange their personal information and complete the transaction by exchanging their financial information like, credit card details in that case, such web sites need to be secured, so that customers will not suffer a loss or became a victim of larceny.

Eventually, to protect the end-users from such situation, Certificate Authority was introduced which after completing the necessary verification of the web site provides it SSL certificate, acronym of Secure Socket layer. Certification authority requires the following information:

  • Name of the organization
  • Address of the Organization
  • Contact details
  • Physical data like, faxed records

Once your web site has met all the requirements of CA then it will issue a digital certificate. When anyone clicks on the secured server then he will have a visual experience of the certificate in the address bar of the browser. By double-click on it, you can see, “the name of the CA and can verify whether the certificate is issued by a certificate authority, name of the business to which it is issued, certificate validity period”.