If you are in an online business where there is a need of information sharing and transfer of money online like in the case of e-commerce business then you must know the term “SSL certificate” and its importance.

SSL or Secure Socket Layer confirms the identity of a website server and protects the data transferred during the process. In short, SSL certificates protects the personal information of the customers from being decoding by the third party, transmitted between the customer’s browser and the server on which their business is hosted.

What is the purpose of SSL certificates?

Businesses like e-commerce, Banking and similar wants the user to log in or to complete financial transactions online should be secure and safe. For displaying a website, the web browser need the site should display the SSL certificate in order to verify its identity. If your website is not certified or the information you displayed on your website is fake then the browser will display an error message that “don’t use this site” to the visitor of your site.

Advantages of SSL

SSL certificates empowers the website to encrypt data for online transactions like making online payment through credit cards, availing online banking options or making online purchase. Every certificate issuing authority, before issuing SSL certificate verifies the identity of the owner.

SSL certificate providers

Before making an online payment it is always advised to check which certificate authority has issued the SSL certificate and ensure that the authority is esteem and reputable. There are many companies that are incorporated to provide SSL certificates, many of them are accepted as trusted certificate awarding companies in web browsers. VeriSign, GeoTrust, Comodo, Thawte and GoDaddy are the most trusted names in the field of certificate providing authorities. When a certified website displays SSL certificate issued by the “most trusted” website marked by web browser then no confirmation is required by the user for that site.