Extended Validation is the highly trusted certificate, offering high security web browsers information to identify the web sites organizational identity. Extended Validation is the only certificate that displays Green address bar, meaning thereby, the most secured web site. Also the name of the Certificate Authority is displayed in the green address bar along with the name of the authority to which the certificate is issued.

You are provided only few seconds to grab the attention of the visitors and to build their confidence in your site. Online shoppers understand the concept of security, therefore the web sites requiring the exchange of client’s confidential information; covering both Personal and financial facet are advised to come under the category of SSL certificates

Certificate Authority or browser forum has clearly prescribed, “which identities are adequate to receive an Extended Validation SSL certificates”. The following registration agencies are eligible for EV SSL certificates

  •     Government agencies
  •     General partnerships
  •     Corporations
  •     Sole proprietorships
  •     Unincorporated associations

Provided that the above mentioned SSL certificate seekers should be currently registered with and approved by an official registration agency. Their certificate, license, charter, and other equivalent documents must be verified by the registration agency.

Necessities for acquiring the certificate:

  •   The identity of an organization or an individual registering for the certificate must be verified.
  •     Business entity must have a valid physical existence
  •     In case of assumed business name, should be verified
  •     An individual associated with the business must confirm an agreement to the certificate endorser agreement
  •  Provided that the business entity should not be located in the country where the SSL certificate like VeriSign is prohibited from doing business or which comes under the trade embargo listed by the government.
  •  In addition to this, a legal opinion letter is required to be confirmed, indicating that the requestor has the authority to obtain SSL certificate on behalf of the company. This legal opinion includes the information regarding company’s registration, address, contact number, domain ownership, and the business status etc. If a legal opinion letter cannot be obtained then we will practice an alternate authentication and verification processes.