What is web security?

Web security plays an important role in all those businesses that requires their customers to transmit their most sensitive information on the Internet. People use Internet for various purposes like, buying products online, banking purpose, and for other business purposes. This means that for dealing with such websites, one has to exchange its confidential information including personal as well as financial details (debit and credit card details, name, contact number, and other such details). So, without having web security your all information will get traced by the hackers and they can easily read, view, and steal it for their personal profit.

Every business requires web security to prevent loss of money as well as productivity. It is also important for building the reputation of the company. SSL certificate or Secure Socket layer has helped many small, medium, and large scale business enterprises in enhancing their web security. SSL certificates secure the transaction between the web server and the web browser. By enabling a strong encryption technique they protect the sensitive information of the customers from phishing attacks. SSL certificates not only help in enhancing web security, but also in boosting the customers trust as well in increasing the conversion rates and Return on Investments.

What is high security browser?


Web browser that are created to identify EV SSL certificates are termed as high security browsers. They are developed to trigger visual cues that would reveal the presence of EV SSL certificate. For Example, Internet Explorer 7 or 8 displays a green address bar, the name of the certificate issuing authority, name of the part to which the certificate is issued.  These three things make your website visitor in recognizing your website as safe, secure, and legitimate to deal. Generally experts recommend Firefox and Internet Explorer 7are the leading web browsers as well as recognized as high-security browser.