Trust and security plays an important role where there comes the talk of monetary transactions. As the scope of e-commerce web sites is rising, eventually the need of the security system is also increasing. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of e-commerce sites security, SSL certificates are in incorporated.

Take an example, while leaving from your home, you need to lock the house in order to protect your house from thief’s or robbers etc. Similar, is the case with your e-commerce web site, SSL certificates work as a lock for keeping the data or content of your web site protected from thief’s or from phishing attacks (fraudulent attempt, generally made through email, to steal your personal information)

SSL certificate or Secure Socket Layer secures the transaction between the server and the browser. The SSL certificate is issued by the Certificate Authority (CA), the third party involved in order to identify both ends of the transaction. An SSL certificate is generally displayed in the address bar of the browser, when your web site displays SSL certificate then the visitors of your site becomes relaxed and confident that they have finally reached a site from which they can meet their requirements easily and securely.

Online customer became savvy about the online security concerns, therefore they before meeting any online transaction wants to confirm the identity of the site as they have to share their most secret and confidential information with the any other person. When the online visitor see a padlock and other security indicators (like, a lock symbol in the address bar displaying the SSL certificate, issuing certificate authority, and period of validation, etc.), they themselves feel that they have entered a secured site. They become calm and confident regarding exhibiting their confidential and secret information such as credit card details or personal ID’s to initiate any dealing with you.

One can easily take its business to heights; the benefits derived from SSL are undeniable and can’t be distinguished in words. In Nutshell, by paying very less, one can earn many more. There are many SSL certificates available in the market, like VeriSign, Geo Trust, Thwate, Comodo etc. VeriSign certificate is the most trusted certificate in the online security industry, but it doesn’t mean that others are lacking. They also provide the same features as that of VeriSign, but at very affordable rates as they are specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium size business requirements as it is necessary for an every e-commerce web site should fall under the category of SSL certificate.